The Hiscox Action Group is a united front to address and challenge the blanket denials of valid Business Interruption insurance claims by Hiscox Insurance.

Please note: we cannot comment or advise you on Business Interruption policies held with any other insurers. You should follow their claims and complaints procedures. As policy wordings vary amongst insurers our efforts may not assist in your claims.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic many businesses, both SMEs and larger companies, have had to temporarily cease trading and have believed that their BI Insurance policy with Hiscox would cover these losses. The specific wording in the BI extension should respond in this situation and the consensus is that Hiscox is wrong in denying claims.

Our goal is to hold Hiscox Insurance to account and to take any action necessary to ensure that Hiscox Insurance is forced to pay out on thousands of valid BI insurance claims.

Hiscox Action Group is entirely volunteer led and has been set up by Media Zoo, The Pinnacle Climbing Centre and Lazy Claire Patisserie who have all gone public about the issue in print and television media. These businesses represent England and Northern Ireland, however we would like to include businesses in the rest of the U.K.

If you have not already, you should file a claim with Hiscox Insurance by phoning their Covid-19 Helpine at 0800 280 0351 or by emailing at Once you have submitted a claim you should receive a claim reference number. If your claim is denied, you should raise a formal complaint either by phone at (0)800 116 4627 or by emailing Your complaint should include wording as to why you believe that the declination of your claim was wrong and that you expect a response as per the Financial Ombudsman Service’s guidelines within 8 weeks. They should give you a complaint reference number and likely will email you every 2 weeks with updates, if any.
NOTE: Regardless of action taken by the Hiscox Action Group, you are strongly urged to follow this procedure, otherwise you may not be entitled to compensation or cover.

If you have a Business Interruption policy with Hiscox and they have denied your valid claim, please submit your details on our Join Us page and we will ensure you are kept up to date on any developments.

Please note: no information on this webpage should be taken as legal advice regarding any Hiscox Insurance policy. All views expressed are those of the site administrators and should not be taken as recommending any specific course of action in response to a claim denial by Hiscox Insurance. Joining this group should not in any way change any other action you may or should take. No-one involved in the Hiscox Action Group can accept any responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of joining this group. You are encouraged to review any course of action that we recommend and judge whether it is appropriate to your claim denial.