Policy Schedule & Wording

If you’re unsure what your Hiscox Policy Schedule is, the file is usually named
DC546 – Policy Schedule and Statement of Fact
and looks like this:

Your values may be different, but you will be claiming under the Public Authority and/or Denial of Access cover. These are the Amounts Insured you need to look at, not the figure next to loss of income.  HOWEVER, if your total amount insured for loss of income is LESS than the Special Limit, this will be the only amount you can claim for.

Your business policy wording should look similar to this and the file name is usually:
DC565 – Hiscox Business Wording
Depending on your cover, policy type, and/or subsections the wording reference at the bottom of the page can vary. [e.g. WD-RET-UK-PYI(2) 16105 12/17]

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